OtherWise Education


We have plenty of brilliant projects that we can run with you in schools, which we facilitate online. Using Zoom or Google Meets, we are able to run our Iliad Project and our Poetry Residencies.


Jonny facilitates both of these projects, and strives to make sure that the learning remains vibrant, thought-provoking and lively, even if we are in our bubbles and at home.  

We are open to offers for bespoke online projects too, which could be facilitated by Jonny, Jo and/or Adisa the Verbaliser.

It is worth saying here that whilst we are embracing online learning so that we can continue working with you, we are also planning for the world that awaits us afterwards.

When it is safe to do so, we cannot wait to begin offering our full range of projects in schools - primary and secondary - and we are especially keen to bring back our Poetry Retreats.