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We like to do things differently with our learning projects, and we like to think big.

Our projects are planned and led to build a sense of wonder, to promote curiosity and to develop the kinds of habits which promote a lifelong love of words.

We take children and teachers to sites of outstanding beauty and use these locations as our inspiration on our Poetry Retreats, spending four days writing, thinking and reflecting.

Writes of Passage brings together pupils from 10 or more schools to form an innovative and ambitious network of child writers, supporting them from Year 5 into Year 7.


KAPOW supports all children to find their voice and learn to collaborate, especially those who find this kind of thing to be challenging.

The Iliad Project welcomes children into the world of Classics, through the tale of the Trojan War, in Homer's 'Iliad'. Through poetry, picture books, drama, role-play, painting, sculpture and extracts from translations of the original text, children hook into the ancient narrative, and we explore philosophical questions of fate, love, wisdom, ego and family.

Our Geography Bee project enables a group of local primary schools to collaborate and stage a competition to celebrate the love and knowledge of the world around us. Children's learning is steered to guide them to develop geographical skills, research the natural and social world, and improve their concentration and memory. 

Our Speechmaking Project brings teachers and pupils together to promote the power of public speech. Teachers and pupils learn how to interpret and analyse the techniques of speechwriting and speechmaking, and pupils put their own talks together ahead of a Celebration, at which the schools come together to share what they have done.

We are always excited to explore new projects, and will gladly help schools to bring their own ideas to life.

Find out more information about our projects here.

Poetry Retreats (Upper KS2-KS3)

Writes of Passage (KS2-3)


The Iliad Project (Upper KS2)

Geography Bee (Year 5)

Speechmaking (KS2 - KS3)