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See new landscapes.


We create projects which develop self-expression, self-belief and self-understanding. 

We provide experiences that enable young people to step outside of themselves, and to see things differently.

Other perspectives. Other places. Other ways.

Our innovative projects encourage children and young people to think deeply, challenge themselves and collaborate with each other.

We seek to develop school staff as confident, empowered and 

creative educators, who are able to work dynamically and who embrace risk.

We have a special love for writing, and place self-expression at the heart of much of what we do.

We enjoy encouraging everybody, of every age, to recognise their writerly tendencies.

We run events which bring people together to celebrate and promote the creative and revolutionary

potential of a great education - we are proudly optimistic about the power of teaching

to change the world.

Jo Castro

Coach, OtherWise

Jo runs learning projects and training, as well as leading on coaching. She is a freelance coach, and former specialist teacher.


Jonny Walker

Founder, OtherWise

Jonny leads OtherWise, runs learning projects, training and consultancy  He is a former teacher, an SLE and Assistant Headteacher.

Adisa the Verbalizer


Adisa runs Poetry Retreats and leads staff training and development on poetry with Jonny. He is a dynamic poet and public speaker.