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Thanks for popping in - the kettle's just boiled, so grab a cup.

OtherWise Education is the organisation through which I do my work with schools.

Hope you enjoy having a nosey peep. 

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My Story

When I was 12 years old in Doncaster, in the mistaken belief it would win me kudos from my peer group, I jumped off of the roof of a toilet block, injuring all four of my limbs. I am now a teacher in East London, educating children about the Icarus myth. Funny how things come full circle, isn't it?

I studied Politics, Psychology and Sociology at Homerton College, University of Cambridge and then went straight into my teacher training with the IoE. I started teaching with my own class of Year 4s in 2011, at Elmhurst Primary School in Forest Gate. I stayed for six years, during which time I started working with the headteacher, Sukwinder Samra, in the Elmhurst Teaching School. This gave me the chance to begin working across schools on collaborative learning projects, something which has become central to my project design ever since.

I moved to Park Primary School in Stratford in April 2017, as an Assistant Head. I loved this school - its lack of uniform and its fiercely independent streak - and learned a lot there. I was responsible for Year 5/6 and the school's curriculum. More than anything, over time I came to recognise that I was happiest when I was working with the kids on things that mattered, so I pivoted back into the collaborative learning projects, and took a bit of a plunge!

In September 2019, I launched OtherWise Education, as a way of working creatively for myself, in partnership with schools. I have a range of projects. Many of them began in Newham and other East London boroughs. I was able to work in partnership with Adisa and Jo Castro on many projects, and all was smooth and growing well.


Then, the COVID hit...

It forced OtherWise to change massively. From in person to online learning. From national to local. And it forced me to recognise what I really wanted.

Sorry if it sounds smug, but I think I've started to find it. I split my time between teaching poetry and mythology, and writing children's books.

I work for myself, nudging primary school kids to write poetry, explore forests and to play around intellectually with Greek mythology. I am also a successful teacher on the Outschool platform, and I teach mythology to students across the world in my classes. You can see my Outschool stuff here.

I am writing early reading books for educational publishers, and am keen to veer further into children's writing from 2022, focusing on fiction that marries myth, humour and modern life. 

I am the co-author of 'Michael Rosen's Poetry Videos: How To Get Children Writing and Performing Poems Too', which I wrote during the lockdowns with Michael. You can get it here. I have also been making some videos for Michael's channel, and have enjoyed presenting to the world from my garden shed.

I live with my housemate Lucy, in Essex. We have two merry-spirited cockapoos. I am usually the only commuter on the train to London Liverpool Street wearing neon, with a backpack full of wigs and plastic swords.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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