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Our main teacher development offer in 2020-21 is the 'Connected Teacher Project', our Arts Council-supported Early Career Teacher Project. You can learn more about it here.

You can sign up here.

In addition, we have a range of CPD sessions that we can deliver, either in person or remotely.

Remote sessions can be live, over Google Meet/Zoom, or could be pre-recorded for you.


Embedding a Culture of Reading For Pleasure (Two sessions - Jonny & Jo)

Building upon insights from the Open University research into Reading for Pleasure, this session will introduce teachers to the critical appreciation of children’s literature, raising their own subject knowledge. Teachers will take part in a ‘Reading Rivers’ activity, which promotes their own reflective practice around reading. The second session will focus on how we can harness a good knowledge of children’s books in the classroom for the purposes of planning and teaching, reading beyond ‘pure’ pleasure.

Writing Poetry From Anecdote (Jonny)

Workshop sharing how teachers can work with pupils to use their own life experiences as fuel and inspiration for different forms of poetry writing. Develops teachers' understanding of the relationships between oracy and writing, and the power of authentic writing projects.

How to analyse poetry (Jo or Jonny)

Workshop that introduces teachers to different ways of reading, interpreting and analysing different forms of poetry. The session is focused on equipping teachers to explore poetry confidently with their pupils, and guiding them to look at poetry in terms of structure, form, emotion and response.

Am I Making Myself Clear? (Jonny or Jo)

Session focused on developing the skills and practice of clear writing and the editing process - how can teachers promote clarity and eloquence, beyond being merely ‘grammatically correct’? Session focused on editing, sentence structure, grammar and punctuation. Especially helpful for when teachers are producing their own modelled writing.

Writing and the Outdoors (Adisa and Jonny)

Drawing on the approaches of the Poetry Retreats, Adisa and Jonny co-facilitate a 2 hour CPD which gets teachers outside and engaging with the world outside the classroom as a prompt for writing.

Autobiographies of our future selves (Jo)

A workshop exploring how we can use writing to promote good mental health. Jo will use the vehicle of writing imagined autobiographies to develop positive thinking as well a resilience in striving for our goals. Jo will be drawing on her coaching approaches, and demonstrating how these can be used to enrich classroom teaching.

Speechmaking (Jonny)

A half-day or full-day session which introduces teachers to the interpretation and analysis of speeches - both as performed and as written - and unpicks the craft of speechwriting. The session then introduces teachers to an approach and structure for speech-writing which can be used with pupils.

Simply Sonnets (Jonny)

Workshop using the example of sonnets as a form of writing unfamiliar to many pupils. The session introduces an approach for introducing new forms of writing to pupils; reading, analysis and writing are all covered.

Why have OtherWise support CPD in your school?

Jonny, Jo and Adisa are all experienced facilitators of teacher development.

Jonny Walker

Jo Castro

  • Certified coach, with particular focus on developing middle leaders

  • Former AfL specialist, working in Tower Hamlets

  • Twenty years' experience as a primary teacher

  • Unit Writer with Take One Book

  • Leader of Writes of Passage and KUDOS Projects



  • Poet in schools, with decades of potted wisdom

  • Leader of the Poetry Retreats with Jonny

  • Experienced poetry CPD facilitator in schools