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In 2021-22, we can all see that the old ways of doing CPD were unsustainable.

The ease of Zoom/Google Meets means we can support your staff development from a distance.

Sessions can be delivered live over Zoom or you can access pre-recorded for your staff.

How To Get Kids Writing and Performing Poetry (with Jonny Walker)


In this 90 minute CPD, we will explore different approaches to teaching poetry. 

We will consider what we want to achieve when we ask children to write, and explore

different ways to help children to write creatively, confidently, with care and clarity.


Copies of my book, co-authored with Michael Rosen, are available at a discounted rate 

of £5 per teacher, above 10 orders, for this training.

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Why have OtherWise support CPD in your school?

Jonny, Jo and Adisa are all experienced facilitators of teacher development.

Jonny Walker

Jo Castro

  • Certified coach, with particular focus on developing middle leaders

  • Former AfL specialist, working in Tower Hamlets

  • Twenty years' experience as a primary teacher

  • Unit Writer with Take One Book

  • Leader of Writes of Passage and KUDOS Projects

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