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Coaching enables people to think for themselves and find solutions.

Jo Castro is an experienced coach, who coaches teachers to improve their classroom practice, coaches middle leaders to navigate the transition from teaching to leadership, and support senior leaders to become coaches, embedding coaching practice across their school. Coaching creates a safe, non-judgemental and confidential space to think for yourself and plan meaningful changes.

Jo uses a value-based solution-focused coaching approach. This means she helps the coachee to understand their strengths, values and past experiences, in order to overcome obstacles and to meet new challenges.

Jo provides supportive challenge, active listening and focused questions to get the best out of those she coaches.

Different schools have worked with Jo in different ways. Here are some examples of Jo's work in schools:

  • Training senior leaders to learn how to coach, using a GROW model, and supporting them to embed coaching in their collaborative work

  • Coaching senior leaders to provide a space for reflection on leaderships and strategic school improvement

  • Coaching individual teachers as part of their personalised CPD package

  • Coaching teams to promote better working relationships, using peer coaching models

  • Coaching middle leaders to navigate their way from the classroom into leadership; supporting them to use coaching approaches with colleagues

  • Training teaching assistants to use coaching approaches when support the independent learning of more vulnerable pupils

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