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Back to School


16:30 - 19:00 

Thursday 12th September 2019

Stratford Circus


We are hosting a Back to School Party to get teachers, educators, leaders and other bookish types feeling galvanised and excited about 2019-20.

We are generously sponsored by our hosts at Stratford Circus and by Just Imagine Story Centre. We are supported by a range of publishers, booksellers, education organisations and other kind so-and-sos. 

As always, we can rely on the wonderful Newham Bookshop to put on a beautifully curated set of books for sale too.

The evening is a chance to make connections with local teachers and great organisations so that you can make 2019-20 as exciting, curious and create as possible.

There will be plenty going on!

  • Nikki Gamble - author, academic and founder of Just Imagine - will be sharing about teaching English and children's literature.

  • Yamina Bibi - Lead Practitioner at Forest Gate Community School - will be sharing about pastoral leadership.

  • Rae Snape - Primary Headteacher in Cambridge - will be talking about the power of radical optimism

  • The Museum of London will be joining us to talk about museum education and opportunities for local schools

  • Adisa the Verbalizer will be performing poetry, sprinkling some lyrical magic.

  • Rob Des Roches - teacher at Nelson Primary and musician - will be performing some songs to entertain us and chill us all out.

Jonny Walker and Jo Castro will be hosting, and there will be plenty of time for chatting and getting to know each other too.

And last but not least, we will have a phenomenal raffle at the end, at which we will be giving out some of our amazing gifts donated by our sponsors, including books, CPD for your school and many other goodies.

Get your tickets here!



  • Foyles Stratford - books!

  • Nikki Gamble - 

  • Adisa the Verbalizer - poetry performance in your school

  • Jonny and Jo - morning of poetry teaching for National Poetry Day in your school or an hour's CPD around National Poetry Day

  • Nina Jackson (@musicmind) - Copies of her books

  • Andrew Cowley - Copy of 'The Wellbeing Toolkit'

  • Jackie Ward (@jordyjax) - Copy of 'On the Fringes'

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