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There is an entire five-round Geography Bee free for you to use, in our 'Online Learning' area.

We share this with you in the spirit of lockdown kindness!

If you like it, perhaps you'll run a live one in your school, with Jonny, in March 2021?

The Primary Geography Bee celebrates the world around us, and children's knowledge of it.


Children from a large number of local schools take part in an enjoyably competitive battle of the brains, covering all areas of the National Curriculum but going way beyond that. Children learn about the capital cities, countries and continents of the world, as well as being guided to learn more about the physical and social world around us.


Children and schools receive a study pack which guides the research and learning in school, ahead of the big event, at which all schools come together to see who will be crowned the victor.

The Primary Geography Bee is currently running each year in March.

It is taking place in Newham, Redbridge and Wakefield.

We would love to run the Bee in more areas, and would require at least eight schools, and at most twenty schools, in order to get up a good, sustainable competition, that strengthens and celebrates a knowledge of the world.

All children taking part must come from Year 5 - this ensures the competition is fair between schools.