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The CTP supports new and early-career primary teachers to find themselves.

The Connected Teacher Project is a six day course, taking place across the academic year. It supports early career teachers, including NQTs, to develop confidence, flow, reflection and joy in their classrooms. This is especially necessary in 2020/21, as children need their teachers to bring not only knowledge but empathy, sensitivity, confidence and resilience.

We can support this.

We explore how we can develop deeply reflective practice, teach with creativity and promote classroom cultures that are relationally-healthy. We do this by bringing together the coaching expertise of Jo Castro and Jonny Walker's experience leading innovative arts projects, alongside research into the importance of relational thinking.

The purpose of the CTP is to support teachers to reflect on their practice, to continue flourishing and to feel confident in their abilities to support the full breadth of children's needs.

A connected classroom is one in which children and adults have a well-developed understanding of each other, as people and as learners. We explore the notion of 'flow'; recognising the pleasure that comes with desirable challenge.

1 - Ways to Reflect

2 - Active Listening and Coaching

3 - A Relationally Healthy Class

4 - Meeting All Pupils' Needs

5 - Harnessing the Arts

6 - Creative Practice in English

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