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Writes of Passage is an ambitious new project for 2019-20, which brings together a group of local schools to form an innovative writing network for Year 5 pupils. Over six sessions across the academic year, we introduce children to a range of challenging and unusual writing contexts, and work with them to find and develop their authentic authorship. Children will be encouraged and supported to develop writerly habits, and will be provided with a safe and supporting online writing platform. Each year, the children will produce a stunning collection of their writing; some from the sessions and some writing entirely from their own volition.

The design of the project recognises the additional emotional and pastoral challenges that can be faced by highly academically-able pupils; using Jo's coaching approach, we embed an understanding of the perils of perfectionism, a desire for challenge and independence and a fear of failure. 

In 2019-20, we are excited to be running Writes of Passage in partnership with Stratford Circus. Our six sessions will be hosted in their stunning art spaces and theatre rooms, providing us with even more opportunities to develop children as real writers.

The full project overview can be downloaded below, but our session overview for 2019-20 is as follows.


  • Autumn 1 - This is Me - Introduction to the project, life writing, gratitude and motivations to write

  • Autumn 2 - Seeing differently - Observing people out in the city, painting a scene, 

  • Spring 1 - Writing ourselves in - Inspired by David Almond's 'The Savage', creating fiction that harnesses and celebrates dialect, multilingualism and emotional honesty

  • Spring 2 - Sway - Exploring how we can influence others through different forms of writing

  • Summer 1 - Beyond Binaries - Defying stereotypes and conventions in content, form and style

  • Summer 2 - Book Launch and Celebration - Sharing of books, preparing for summer writing challenge and putting together a recital in the afternoon for families, schools and special guests.

Jonny and Jo are keen to set up more networks - either KS2 or KS3 - in different parts of the UK.

Get in touch if you are interested, or want to know more.