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A New Project - KUDOS!

We are really pleased to announce our newest project, KUDOS!

KUDOS - Knowledge, Understanding and Development Of Self - is designed to support the development of four key strengths: communication, collaboration, solution-seeking and positive-thinking. Our six-session project guides pupils to explore and develop these strengths in practice, whilst also reflecting upon the values of the school or group of schools we are working with. Doing so not only supports pupils' resilience and self-understanding, but it is also lays a foundation for good leadership skills; often, the pupils taking part in KUDOS may have an advocacy role in their schools, such as school councillors, or Trust councillors.

The project is launching over the next few weeks across the UK.

We are excited to once again be working with Eko Trust in Newham, with pupils and staff from Kaizen, Gainsborough, Earlham and Eko Pathways. In this version of the project, we will be working through the Trust Values of 'Vitality, Optimism, Integrity, Courage and Equity' and supporting the participating pupils to become confident, articulate and collegiate voices for the pupils in their school.

We are also excited to be launching in Yorkshire too, working with pupils eligible for pupil premium at Akroydon Primary Academy in Halifax. In this version of the project, we will be guiding our sessions through the school's values of 'Honesty, Empathy, Respect and Responsibility' and exploring how these values can shape our lives both in and out of school.

We look forward to working with all KUDOS schools, and shall be sharing our progress over on Twitter.

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