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Fully funded writing networks for Newham schools

OtherWise Education has been successful in its bid to Newham Council, and we have received funding to run two more writing networks of our Writes of Passage programme. This funding enables us to work with eight primary schools and four secondary schools in Newham.

Our project is part of Newham Council's ambitious pilot cultural offer, and our project is being trialled as part of the enrichment programme.

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We are keen to work with schools from across the borough, and as such, we have made direct approaches to particular schools.

We are now extending the opportunity to ALL Newham schools that work with pupils aged in Year 5 and Year 7, and invite you to get in touch to take a place on the project.

Writes of Passage develops children and young people as skilful and reflective writers, and the sessions aim to support pupils' pastoral and social development alongside their academic development. The group explore different motivations and approaches to writing, across a range of styles and genres. All pupils will work on their own writing during and between sessions, eventually submitting their writing for publication.

All pupils and their schools will receive free copies of the eventual publication of their writing.

Sessions are led by Jonny Walker and Jo Castro, two experienced teachers and facilitators of creative writing workshops. Sessions are supported by additional arts facilitators, who share their own organic approaches to writing; these include the poet Adisa the Verbaliser, and the horticulturalist writer Sonya Patel-Ellis.

The project is FULLY FUNDED. Taking part involves pupils and one staff member attending five workshops across this academic year.

Currently, we are in talks with several Newham schools, and have the following places confirmed.


Star Primary, Kaizen Primary, St Luke's C of E Primary, Park Primary, Kensington Primary

Three spaces for primary schools to take part.

SECONDARY - all schools are still in discussion, so we welcome all Newham Secondary schools to contact us.

To enquire and to reserve a place for your school, please contact Jonny Walker, Director of OtherWise Education - - listing 'Writes of Passage Newham Council' as the subject header.

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