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Congratulations to our first KAPOW cohort

Today was the final session of KAPOW! - Knowledge and Power of Words - for schools in the Eko Trust family. Since January, a group of pupils from Earlham Primary, Eleanor Smith School, Gainsborough Primary and Kaizen Primary have worked together on a project which develops confidence, collaboration and student leadership.

This group decided that they wanted to develop a book together, and its theme was 'The Things We Really Care About'. Across the five sessions we have spent together, the group have found ways to organise themselves. Day by day, the division between the schools melted away and through a range of carefully chosen activities, children were encouraged to nudge themselves out of their comfort zones.

We all know that feeling of discomfort when we are taking a risk, and for many pupils, their involvement in this project has required that they embrace this challenge. It has been truly remarkable to watch how some children, initially so reserved and quiet, gradually discovered that not only can they speak up, but that they enjoy doing so.

It would feel wrong to isolate individuals by name, but it will suffice to say that there have been some incredible success stories from each of the four schools. We have seen children recognise that they have influence and authority with their peer group. We have seen children struggle to contribute to a team task, retreat into themselves, think it out, and then have the perseverance to try again.

We have seen children - most of whom were specifically chosen because they lack confidence - clear their throats and speak to a full crowd.

I write essentially to share my pride, and to give thanks to the children themselves and to the excellent teachers who facilitated and supported their pupils from the sides.

We have lots to reflect upon, after this first foray into KAPOW, and we are pleased that the Eko Trust have commissioned another KAPOW project in 2019-20.

If your school or a local group of schools would also benefit from a KAPOW project, developing children's confidence, collaboration, self-expression and leadership, then please get in touch with us.

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